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If you are a connoisseur of good food or you love to cook yourself, then you would surely appreciate the value of good olive oil.

At Ivy& Forte, we promise to deliver the best California extra virgin olive oil that can add lots of taste to the dish that you are preparing for your family. A little California extra virgin olive oil can be enjoyed best with fresh salads, or as marinade for seafood and chicken.

At Ivy&Forte, we also provide varieties in our California extra virgin olive oil. Infused with various flavors like Blood Orange, California Lime, Fresh Basil, Meyer Lemon, Thai Chili, Rosemary, Fresh Garlic, and more, we have an endless list of the freshly produced extra virgin olive oil.

At Ivy&Forte, we value food and we help you prepare it just the way a dish full of flavor should be prepared. Our motif has been to use the freshest of ingredients in preparing our products which includes our California Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, and range of Balsamic Vinegars and Infused Balsamic Vinegars. More importantly, considering health is a healthy food recommended by Ivy & Forte Brand. Fresh, great tasting extra virgin olive oil inspires everything we do at California olive oil.

So we’ve made it our mission to make the highest quality extra virgin olive oil accessible to as many people as possible. We’ll do it by continuing to live out our values, day after day

- We’re manufature& distributor with a strong connection to the land.
We’ll happily admit it: we love what we do.
So naturally, we work hard every day to make the highest quality extra virgin olive oil
accessible to as many people as possible.

About Us

Welcome to Ivy& Forte Brand., Company


A creative, world-class taste has blossomed in the agricultural heartland of Northern California. We are pushed through the surface in 2009 and is swiftly earning a reputation for its innovative line of handcrafted gourmet products.

Behind this refined harvest of dozens of Infused California Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, and other gourmet accompaniments are my best friend partners Alka and Arek. Their flair for creating the perfect combinations of taste and texture begins, in their words, “with everything we love from our upbringing and family.”

Brought up to appreciate the value of food in family life, we have traveled extensively to bring home more of the world’s finest flavor the sweet, the savory, the spicy, and the just plain “wow!” Combine these food-wise travelers with a commitment to fresh, regional ingredients, and up springs Sutter Buttes and Ivy&Forte Olive Oil Brand Company.

They have designed their condiments for the gourmet as well as for the general food lover. Their use of simple, but extraordinary ingredients can elevate home cooking to star status.

Providing artisan products means always having access to the freshest ingredients, including the finest California EVOO.


It also means a continued commitment to handcrafting each and every batch. This is the promise and the taste at the heart of Ivy&Forte Olive Oil Brands Company.

Their Extra Virgin Olive Oils are of the highest quality available on the market. Fruit for these oils is grown within a 30-mile radius from the Yolo County, a Sacramento Valley volcanic formation created 300 million years ago. This ares is known for its abundance of fruit orchards which directly influences the flavor of oils.

Arbequina, their signature olive oil, is mild in its intensity with a distinct fruit fragrance. It continuously achieves acidity levels below 0.3% (0.8% minimum to be Extra Virgin). Fruit is mechanically harvested and processed as early as 1 hour after picking.

State of the art modern machinery and prompt pressing guarantee that California Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced by the Sutter Buttes and Ivy&Forte Olive Oil Company. are of the highest quality as proven by many awards in the international arena.


Olive Oil in California History

It began in the mid-1700s when Spanish Jesuits brought the Mediterranean fruit to Mexico. Toward the end of that century, Franciscan padres from Mexico established the California mission at San Diego de Alcala, where they probably planted the first olive cuttings or seeds. The first oil was most likely pressed at the missions around 1800.

There were a mere 500 trees in California in 1785: 5,600 in 1876: and half a million at the turn of the century. Nowadays we don't count trees, we count acres, so an exact comparison is impossible.

There are, however, about 65,000 acres devoted to olive trees alone. Subsequently, in the past 150 years, trees have been planted in several waves along with interest in olives and olive oil. Many of these older groves (80-150 years old) still exist in California. Most are in Northern California.

In recent years extra high-density orchards have been introduced in California with 600 to 650 trees per acre. Varieties that are grown in that method are Arbequina, Arbosana, and Ko


Athens is named for the Goddess Athena who brought the olive to the Greeks as a gift. Zeus had promised to give Attica to the god or goddess who made the most useful invention. 

Athena's gift of the olive, useful for light, heat food, medicine, and perfume was picked as a more peaceful invention than Poseidon's horse - touted as a rapid and powerful instrument of war. 

Athena planted the original olive tree on a rocky hill that we know today as the Acropolis. The olive tree that grows there today is said to have come from the roots of the original tree.

The Best Olive Oils are Culinary Wonders

Fresh olive oil binds with the flavors of foods and forms a bridge to your taste buds, amplifying and elevating the deliciousness of your creation to heights you never imagined.

That fresh, fruit-kissed, astringent quality has made high-quality extra virgin olive oils the miracle ingredient and best friend of celebrated chefs throughout the world.