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Thanks for choosing The Ivy&Forte Brand for your business needs. We are confident you and your customers will love our products and our customer service.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that may arise. We are here to support you from beginning to end. Please keep our contact information handy as outlined below. Our business hours are from 9 a.m. to

5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please keep in mind that we are in Whittier California, WHO WE ARE: The Ivy&Forte is a Manufacturer and Distributor sellers of olive oils, avocado oil, and balsamic vinegar, Salad dressing, as well as some additional complementary products. We are not a franchise and support of business models.

Although many of our customers operate an olive oil balsamic vinegar tasting program,  we are happy to supply our products to all types of business, including supermarket vendors, restaurants specialty grocers, event vendors much more. We offer our products in bulk and pre-bottled(250ml, 375ml, and 500ml bottles are available). You create your own brand and your own labels; we’ll supply you with the best quality product. We do not offer drop-ship services at this time.

Please read over the attached New Customer form to find out about our ordering and shipping policies. You will need to submit the signed application and tax resale form to us, as well as set up your freight account (if applicable), prior to your first order being shipped.

Max Cho
CEO/ National Sales Director

7050 Valley View St, Buena Park CA 90620            Business 1-626-433-7404     E-mail:

The Ivy & Forte New Customer Form


Company Name


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Applications Accepted By :

Ordering Policies & Procedures

All orders must be placed through the online ordering platform at To order products, click

on the tab “Products List” at the top of the page. Please note that we have a separate page for each type of

product: 250mL bottles,375mL bottles, 500mL bottles, 10L buckets, and Pre-Labeled Cases (links are in the text at the top of

the page). You must click the “Add to Cart” button separately for each subsection on the page (either at the

top or the bottom of the section). When you have added all of your products, click on the “Cart” tab to review

your order or hover to “Check Out” to proceed to check out.

All items noted with a red asterisk must be filled out. If you do not submit payment by credit card or e-check,

your order will NOT be processed immediately; it will only be processed when we have received full payment.

The only reason to use the Wire Transfer/Other option would be if you have a special circumstance (i.e., the split

payment between two cards) or if you are using a wire transfer. Keep in mind that until the time of full payment,

the order will not be sent to the warehouse for processing. Please be sure you click in the checkbox that you

have read and accepted the terms & conditions or the order will not be placed. Check that you receive an email

confirming your order (check your junk mail). If you don’t receive this email, please contact us immediately to

ensure that your order was received. You won’t receive another notification from us until your order has shipped. Upon receipt of payment, the order will be forwarded to the warehouse, and your order will be shipped within five (5) business days. If the warehouse is experiencing low order volume, your order may be shipped earlier.

Any additions or count increases must be placed as a new sales order through the online ordering platform. If

you would prefer to have both orders ship at the same time, the shipment date will correspond with the later

order. Communicate preferences through the Notes section of the online ordering platform. If nothing is

communicated, the additional order will be sent separately.

Shipping time varies due to a destination location; check with the shipper for confirmation of arrival date.



Shipping Policy


Smaller orders of up to 24 cases or 16 buckets or less will generally be shipped via UPS (it’s usually the most

cost-effective). The card on file from the order will be billed at the time of shipping for the UPS charges.

Larger orders will be shipped on a pallet via freight. The customer is required to set up a freight account prior to the first order being shipped or the order will not be shipped. Freight costs are billed directly by the shipping 


We will run a rate quote on the day your order ships to ensure that we are shipping via the economical

method for you. UPS rates can vary day-to-day which is why we run the quote on the day of shipping.

Echo Global Logistics: We have volume discount rates arranged with Echo Global Logistics and are able to pass

along the savings to the customer. If your order appears to be large enough to ship via freight, you will receive

an introduction email to Echo Global Logistics and an application.


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7050 Valley View St, Buena Park CA 90620  



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