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California Extra Virgin Olive Oils –Local from producers no further than 30 mils away,Infused California Extra Virgin Olive Oils – We offer; Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, California Lime,Fresh Harvest Garlic, Rosemary, Fresh Basil, Truffle, Balsamic Vinegars –Barrel Aged Traditional, Barrel Aged White, Pomegranate, Fig, Black Currant, Peach, Raspberry, Lemon,Sweet and Savory Jams - Wide selection of original flavors exp. Merlot Wine, Apricot Jalapeño and many more.Selection of Sweets - Featuring Fudge from "Bella Confections”,

Big Selection of Gifts, plus -We can assemble any size of a gift for your needs, designed by you on the spot.

Arbequina and Koroneiki Fall Harvest (2016) First- of –season Just harvested California Olives. Fresh and unfiltered, the natural cloudiness of this cold-pressed 100% Extra Virgin oil reveals rich and delicious flavors that are uniquely fresh and fruity, grassy, with a hint of ripe banana and an artichoke-like aroma. Limited to a single pressing. This is truly a seasonal delight. Best enjoyed within a few months of cold- pressing.